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Batik on cotton, exclusive and rare sarong (Sarong), made and dyed entirely by hand, the fabric is decorated with the tree of life, which is commonly found in the calico fabrics of the Coromandel coast in India, and which was popular among the Indo-European Women of the East Indies of the 19th century.


A good batik with attractive end panels, this Batik probably belongs to the Bangbiron group due to the use of only red and blue in a fantastic presence and vibrant colors.


This Javanese cotton batik sarong was purchased in Java during the period 1890-1910, kept in the trunk and never worn because not all the major steps in creating this batik were completed, only the final minor steps: the wax was not completely removed and resulted in a fine canvas-like texture, the ends and final fold being seamless. The result is a pristine antique textile that has never been used; It can be used as a print model for a textile workshop or hung as an ancient relic.


In very good condition for its age, carefully preserved, never used, shows no signs of aging, has no holes, its colors remain vibrant and almost intact, a perfect opportunity to have it as a matrix pattern for the creation of other textiles.

Please see description photos to get a better idea.


Measurement: 245 x 105 cm.

Weight: 387g

SKU: 3642153761351131

Note: There are no changes as it is a unique, rare and exclusive piece.

Batik Sarong From The Coast Of Java, Indonesia Late 19th Century (1875-1900)

Artikelnummer: 3642153761351131
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  • The condition for its age is very good thanks to careful conservation. Please look at the photos for a better assessment of the condition as they are part of the descriptions. It has never been used, it is like new, the colors intact and very well preserved, please look at the photos that are part of the description.

    Measurement: 105 x 245 cm.
    Weight: 387g (with packaging)

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