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Narrow-necked jug with pewter lid, Hanau, 18th century.


Hanau tin narrow-necked jug with lid, circa 18th century with slanted fluted body with white glazed walls, Chinoiserie style with blue earthenware hot-fire paint. The pewter lid is marked with insignia internally.

Measures 15cm high x 28cm diameter, weighs 193g, obliquely ribbed body, white glazed walls, chinoiserie in crisp blue craft paint. There are no restorations, it is sold as is, very well preserved for its age, a perfect, original and rare piece.


Narrow-necked jug with pewter lid, Hanau, 18th century.

Artikelnummer: 3642153761351164
540,00 CHFPreis
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  • This is an antique and vintage item, so some imperfections may be natural and normal, please look at the photographs that are part of the descriptions, the condition for its age is very good thanks to careful conservation.

    The stands and decorations shown in the descriptive photos are not included in the sale, unless indicated in the conditions of sale.

    If you have any questions regarding this article, you can write me a private message at any time at (

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