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Chinese Embroidery Silk on Rice Paper - Jiaqing Period - 18th Century China (1800-1820).

Wonderful and delicate old silk embroidery on rice paper that represents the Brotherhood of the Phoenix and the Dragon at a dinner in the middle of a Lotus flower tree and the Master, wisdom, longevity, long life, purity in the middle of an environment adverse and charity. Design period approximately 1800-1820 in China.
Protected behind glass in a box, the natural silver frame measures 33 x 50 x 2 cm and the embroidery sheet 21 x 40 cm respectively. This vintage product has no defects, the embroidery is very well protected inside the box, but it has a slight wear due to its age that is not noticeable.

Chinese Silk Embroidery on Rice Paper – 18th Century China (1800-1820).

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