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A ceremonial shawl headdress (iket kepala) from Palembang Sumatra, a striking combination of complementary gold weaving (songket) over silk ikat (limar) weaving. Songket textiles are closely identified in Southeast Asia with Malay-Islamic cultures, many of which are still famous for their court embroidery and ceremonial costumes.

The central field of the ikat is framed on all sides by red panels dotted with gold songket rosettes and brilliantly embroidered silk flowers. The panels are framed in bright double borders with star and X motifs, a formality of the drawing.

The supplementary weaving is very refined and the gold thread is the most prominent of the 3 grades (jantong) that has preserved its precious color, luster and shine intact over time.
The central field contrasts the soft ikat pattern with the sharp shine of the songket edges and is executed in 4 colors, the premium type of ikat highly appreciated for its rich effect; Cherry red with orange and violet blue touches on a very pretty red background.

The arranged rosettes of 8 petals are taken from Patola Indian silk textiles. The same scattered gold motifs used in the borders along one corner of the central field create a lovely effect; This corner was intended to be displayed when the cloth was wrapped around the head, and gives a dynamic appeal to the stable format. A rare and wonderful example of the attractive headdress format, in excellent condition which highlights the rich and classic beauty of the limar songket.

The colors are vivid and bright: the red is rich and deep, the violet is very vivid, the orange is deep and bright depending on the light. The gold-wrapped thread has remained intact, with a warm yellow color and a fine, intact luster. The silk is slightly stiff, heavy, crisp, with a shiny shine and a slightly knotty texture.


Condition, Very good, without damage, consistent with use and age, never used, like new.
Materials and Techniques: metallic thread, silk, hand-woven, ikat, vegetable dyeing, origin from Indonesia, period 1900-1910, manufacturing around 1900 or before.

A perfect and truly beautiful piece of Palembang limar songket that will brighten any collection; Shows very well, no defects or holes.

Measurements, 250 x 70 cm, Depth. (1.78mm)
Weight: 640g
SKU: 3642153761351130

Silk Headdress Palembang Sumatra, Indonesia Early 20th Century (1900-1910)

SKU : 3642153761351130
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  • The condition for its age is very good thanks to careful and perfect conservation. There are no defects, no holes and no loose threads, never used condition, it is a private collection piece. Please look at the photos for a better assessment of the condition as they are part of the descriptions.
    Measurements, 250 x 70 cm, Depth. (1.78mm)
    Weight: 530g

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