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Antique Ceremonial Batik from Indonesia / Sumatra, Lampung Tecelagem Têxtil


Ceremonial batik worn by the women of the Kavel people; Sumatra in Indonesia is sewn in two bands. The colors are bright, with micro mirrors called mica and are intact, it is made with natural cotton and hand-woven, extremely fine with many micro design seams.

A long piece of fabric with black, red, yellow and black stripes.

The black and red stripes are embellished with small, applied mica squares, pinecones made of metallic threads and abstract geometric shapes, this type of fabric is woven and embellished by women and is often used as a female sarong at weddings, special holidays and other events. Batiks are also sometimes used as wall hangings.

This could easily be a museum piece, no wear patterns or any issues, it's pretty clean, good scent, this must have taken hundreds of hours to make.


Item Features:


Hand woven and embroidered (coaching with even threads, satin stitch, running stitch, split stitch and chain stitch), applied mica squares.

Primary material: cotton/fabric, multicolor, gold metallic line

Originality: Ancient original, created by artisans from Kavel

Region of origin: Lampung Province, South Sumatra Indonesia Southeast Asia

Age: 1850-1899

Category: Textiles and embroidered equipment.

Materials: Cotton, mica, metal.

Size (cm): 130 x 115cm

Weight: 668g

Lot: 03

SKU: 3642153761351150

Antique Ceremonial Batik from Indonesia / Sumatra, Lampung Tecelagem Têxtil

SKU: 3642153761351150
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  • This is an antique and vintage item, so some imperfections may be natural and normal, please look at the photographs that are part of the descriptions, the condition for its age is very good thanks to careful conservation.

    The stands and decorations shown in the descriptive photos are not included in the sale, unless indicated in the conditions of sale.

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