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Precious cutlery set, case with 12 Tea/Coffee teaspoons, between 1899-1936, with three pulsating half moons, crown and brand labels, made of 925 silver with gold plating. The pieces look very good, as in the photos that are part of the item description.
They have not been used much, the case has seen external signs of wear over the years, but its function is to protect the spoons.
It is a work of art, a rarity in gold-plated silver, the weight is around 13 grams/piece each piece, that is, 156 grams in total.
Special spoons for Tea/Coffee + 1 protection box.
Articles: 13 (12 spoons, 1 protective cover).
Origin Switzerland - XIX-XX century (1899-1936)
925 silver with 18k gold bath, three hallmarks.

Silver cutlery with gold bath, 12-piece Vintage Set.

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