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Manila shawl, Signed by its Master Craftsman, entirely hand-embroidered in silk on natural silk fabric, Four sides, Large Size, from China for Manila XIX-XX century (1898-1912).


It is an authentic Mantón de Manila, originating from the skilled Chinese embroidery masters. It is not an imitation or replica; it is an original masterpiece from 1898, fully hand-embroidered and signed by the master craftsman on one side.

The entire piece is intricately hand-embroidered in high relief on silk, either on beige fabric or natural silk, depicting flowers, birds, and paradise butterflies. This indicates the second season of mantones during the 19th and 20th centuries that were made in China for Manila. They were then sent to famous traditional stores and used in Spanish flamenco dances of the era or simply to showcase the luxury of traditional fashion in the most refined places like Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, and other countries.

This vintage garment is luxurious, delightful, original, and very rare to find in such excellent condition. It was highly appreciated by the Queen, princesses, and high society of Spain.

It is a great luxury for nostalgic individuals and flamenco dance enthusiasts, or simply to display as a beautiful decorative piece in a room.


Original Manila Shawl, with four sides, Large Size, hand embroidered - China

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  • The garment is very well preserved, in almost new condition, without damage, it is sent very well packed in tissue paper and a box for proper conservation.
    Total measurements:
    240 x 240 cm (Fabric 185 x 185 cm, including 55 cm of fringes and knots)
    Weight: 990g.

    -The stands and decorations shown in the description photos are not included in the sale, unless stated in the conditions of sale.
    -If you have any questions regarding this article, you can write me a private message at any time.
    -International shipments are preferable by Express parcel, for safety and agility.


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