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Welcome to the Amatxu Social Project for the children of the Amazon!

      The Amatxu Social Project for the children of the Amazon.



The Amatxu Social Project for the children of the Amazon is a work that helps families with children and young people up to eighteen years old, widowed mothers, single mothers, elderly people at risk, children with rare diseases, helps teachers and volunteers , and mainly children and young people in venerables of life of trafficking and pedophilia in the Amazon Region of Pará in Brazil.

In this Amazon region life is very difficult, there is no easy access or circulation, the place is little or not neglected, communication is precarious and there is a lack of adequate attention from the authorities regarding the safety of children and young people. But even that is very difficult so we cannot wait for any Government, what we do is on our own and out of good will.

Children go to school when they can, from small boats, young people need at least an apprenticeship that can develop some activity where they can learn to continue growing, and the objective is that they have the necessary conditions to continue in their home and help preserve . our Amazon, a beautiful and beautiful place with abundant nature.

We help in an organized way with school supplies for children, medicines, clothing, footwear, electronic and computer equipment, transportation for children and young people to school by boat, help with health, English courses for young people, help with hiring professionals in education, and our goal for the year 2024 is the purchase of a boat to take the children to school and that also serve as an emergency trip, the purchase of a van for volunteer work and to be able to make our own house shelter for children in a state of vulnerability to trafficking and pedophilia.

We ask you to please help us in our project, with money, donations of school supplies, clothing, shoes, basic medicines, etc. We count on your good heart.

Thank you so much.

 Ms Marhi Aliss Stückelberger.
Coordinator and person in charge of the Amatxu Project.
Tel: +41 (0) 76 781 3131

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