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Popularly known as "Tobacco Leaf," with an oval scalloped shape, its decoration features some of the finest enameling and designs known in 18th-century exports.


"Tobacco Leaf designs were most popular in the mid-18th century but continued in production until at least 1800."

It has polychrome and gold enamel, glazed blue and gold, with the classic pattern in vibrant colors from the rose family, featuring a marvelous pheasant among leaves and buds, a squirrel on the branches of Prunus bouquets on the lapels, and a gold trim on the braided border.


Rare Plate Porcelain "Hojas de Tabaco" - 18th Century - from 1701 to 1800 China

Artikelnummer: 364215376135191
0,00 CHFPreis
  • Origin: 19th-century China, around 1775-1800 (Ch'ien Lung Period)
    Diameter: 18.5cm X 15cm
    Height: 2.8cm
    Weight: 194g
    Design era: 1775-1800
    Production period: Ch'ien Lung
    Made in: China
    Condition: Very good with signs of wear.
    Details of damage and restoration: This vintage/antique item has undergone minor restoration (shown in the photo descriptions), otherwise it is flawless but may exhibit slight signs of age-related wear and tear.

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